Cyborgs Vs the Earth Goddess: Men's Domestication of Women and Animals, And Female Resistance

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Prehistory was Female
Did you know that many aspects of so-called human 'civilization' were developed by females in the Stone Age, long before men domesticated animals - from fire, hearth, and cooking, to dance, art, medicine, language, stories, ritual, trade, settlement, pottery, textile, calendar, metal, and more...
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Cyborgs vs the Earth Goddess: Men's Domestication of Women and Animals, and Female Resistance
What are gynocentric practices and female-centered cultures like? Can an understanding of ecogynecology help to solve the massive problems of climate change and species extinction? Can female governance help to restore the balance with nature and heal our relationships with animals? There is no domestic violence in matrifocal groups, and men live happier when women are in charge. Moreover, adoption of a Mother's gift economy can help end global poverty, inequity, and discrimination. Ancient gynecological perceptions and spirituality can also help us to live simpler and happier lives.
There are 28 chapters divided into five sections, loosely organized from human prehistory to the dawn of male rule 8,000 years ago. The book interweaves female prehistory, archaeology, anthropology, genetics, evolutionary biology, art, culture, theology and theory. It intersects feminism, diet, and biology with the historical relationship between human and non-human animals.
Can you name the seven domestication events that were carried out by humans? Five of them were started by women.
ASIA's Journey 2121.01
"In the post-apocalyptic future, a group of 40 women and children are fleeing the physical and social effects of climate change. Parched and tired, the group is walking north to escape triple-digit heat and are running out of water..."
Triple Goddess
Read an excerpt: "Triple Goddess" from Chapter 15: Goddess Ontology
Paleo Diet
What was the Paleo Diet?
Was the Paleo diet influenced more by female gatherers or by male hunters? Were human females more important for food security in the Stone Age than men?
Did you know there are more than 11,000 known Goddesses around the world? For millions of years, hominids lived in gynocentric or female-centered cultures, and worshiped an Earth Goddess. Around 8,000 years ago, domestication led to men's harnessing of animal power to gain the superior strength and speed of cyborgs. Men then subjugated females and transcended the Goddesses and Nature to bond with male sky magic. The Cyborgs' defeat of the Earth Goddess is the root of the present ecological and social crisis.
dr. moses seenarine is a plant-based father, activist, and author of three books - "Voices from the Subaltern: Education and Empowerment Among Dalit (Untouchable) Women" (2004), and "Meat Climate Change: The 2nd Leading Cause of Global Warming" (2016) and CVEG (2017).
Interview with Transhumanist Cult Awareness Network on YouTube discussing cultural and globalized food practices and why they are leading to the destruction of the planet - 44 minutes (Opens in new window)
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Cyborgs vs the Earth Goddess is a non-fiction, feminist, and sociological analysis of prehistory

Note: This is the second book on women and animal studies by the male author.