The First Domestication Was Feminist

Female Great Apes Tamed Male Primates Millions of Years Ago

by m seenarine, 082317
[Excerpt from Cyborgs Versus the Earth Goddess: Men’s Domestication of Women and Animals and Female Resistance (forthcoming, 2017) by Moses Seenarine, Ed.D]
The Great Apes
The subduing of mammalian males by females is an extensive and ongoing process in numerous species across the Globe. The first domestication realized among the great apes family in the primate order was the taming of sperm-producers by egg-producers. Even though balance between the sexes fluctuates, females wield great power in sex-selection.
Female reproductive achievement is limited by resource availability and acquisition. In contrast, male reproductive success is limited by access to mates and the number of fertilizations, and may therefore be more variable. Phallic apes have to obtain young-bearers' approval, who may have a preference for younger mates. So power relations among social primates are situational and constantly changing.

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Choosing a Side

Why Feminists and the Left need to engage with center-right politics

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Many women, and the feminist movement in general, were devastated in Hillary Clinton's election loss in November, 2016. Feminists are evaluating the election setback and trying to figure out what it will take to break the highest glass ceiling in American politics. The World Economic Forum says the gender gap has widened for the first time in their records in 2017. Their report states that women 'won't have equality' for 100 years and equal pay will take 217 years. Currently, women comprise only 28 percent of parliamentarians and 21 percent of ministers, globally. Less than half of the world's countries have had a female head of state, including the USA.

Prehistory Was Female-Centered

Early humans lived in gynocentric cultures and worshiped Earth Goddesses

by m seenarine, 090917

(Excerpt from Cyborgs Versus the Earth Goddess: Men's Domestication of Women and Animals and Female Resistance (2017) by m seenarine)


(Female Hand print, Chauvet cave, France c. 32,000 BP)

The Earth and her organisms are wholesome, active entities. Each unique creature has individual and collective interests and relationships. However, acting like aliens, modern men or Cyborgs have reduced and eliminated the subjectivity of Earthlings to establish themselves as the only 'real' subjects in both theory and practice.

The status of being a subject is central to having rights and safeguards under a patriarchal society. Framing unique, individual beings as similar objects is a key strategy of patriarchal reduction and oppression.


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Identity Politics as Strategic Essentialism

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Multiple, Fluid Identities

Each person identiies her or his self as an individual, and as part of various groups. These identities in turn shapes what each person thinks and largely determine their experience of the world, lives as females, males or queers. One of sociology's main insights is that identity is always situational, contextual, and contingent, which means that an individual's behavior is influenced by many aspects, including their political and social environments. We have multiple identities and are natural actors at playing our different roles.

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The Profits and Politics of Neoliberal Gender Fluidity

 by m seenarine, 101415

Sex can be pleasurable but it must always be consensual. Sex is much more than intimacy, though, and many do not realize how it is used to further the interests of neoliberal capitalism while providing legitimacy for the State. First and foremost, sex plays an essential role in capitalist production and consumption. For example, hypersexualized females are used to sell everything, from rope to soap.

The pornification of modern cultures is part of a neoliberal equating of sexual choice to political freedom. The degree of democracy in a society is based primarily on how much it allows its citizens to commodify themselves into sexualized objects. This insidious and reductionist framing of democracy dispenses with sex, race and class equality, while allowing white male privilege to remain hidden, as sexual identity is reified into superseding all other material conditions in a society.

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Review of She Rises by Mago Press

by m seenarine 062615

During the last two decades, the feminist literature has expanded to become more diverse and inclusive. Yet, relatively few books have emerged which focus on Goddesses and their significance to feminism and women's liberation. This is due in part to a complete lack of interest by academics and feminists alike in exploring either historical or contemporary Goddess cultures. This disparaging view of gynocentric tradition is unfortunate, since it creates the false impression that patriarchy is permanent and inevitable, and it erases 100,000 years of gynocentric prehistory.

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Opposing Objectification in Nonhuman Animal Advocacy

by m seenarine, 070815

During the last two decades, the vegan movement has largely turned into a self-deification and self-congratulatory cult, with a single-minded strategy of ethical grandstanding using the vegan moral stick. In contrast, vegans' own contradictory over-consumption habits and objectification of females and nonhuman animals have largely remained conveniently unexamined. Moreover, there is an dangerous trend of demonizing critical thinking and critics of any form of nonhuman animal advocacy.

In discussions with other vegans, I am often critical of the white, male middle-class bias in the movement. I question lavish animal advocacy banquets and the over-consumption involved in most vegan events. I frequently oppose the promotion of 'vegan options' at restaurants and other businesses that profit from nonhuman animal exploitation, and call out PETA's objectification of females. I was therefore not surprised when I first heard about the National Animal Rights Day (NARD) objectified practice of displaying dead nonhuman animals to the public as a form of vegan advocacy, but I was hugely disappointed by their debased objectification of inert animals.